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Does your hair need some TLC and a little... shaping? To the salon! Treat your locks to this at-home, leave-in formula that's infused with their unique patented K18Peptide that works on molecular level to repair even the most extreme damage! Let's pop on our lab coats for a quick second and give you the science-y low-down on this Leave-In Molecular Repair Mask. The patented peptide boasts a unique sequence of amino acids through the struggling strands to reconnect. The result? Stronger, softer, smoother and bouncier hair that's full of life. Boasting salon-like results in just 4 minutes, this concentrated formula is brimming with moisture magnets and protectors to leave your hair feeling prepped, primed and voluminous. Did someone say luscious locks alert?


£24.99 Regular Price
£19.99Sale Price
  • Where science meets hair care, K18 believe that to truly care for our tresses, we must understand the biology behind it. Swapping out the lab coat and test tubes for a salon chair and hair tools, this brand is here to help you transform your locks from the comfort of your bathroom! Packed with a plethora of beneficial ingredients, namely their uniquely patented K18Peptide™️, their hero product is a game-changer - or should we say mane-changer - that promotes healthier-looking hair. Can't think of a way to restore your hair's elasticity and bounce? Cue: the Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask...

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