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Aftercare & Maintenance

Hair Wash


Your extension hair should only be washed between 1-2 times per week.


Before washing it is advised to untangle your extension hair with a wide toothcomb or extension brush to smooth it out.


It is essential you wet your extensions and drain out excess water, coat the conditioner on the extensions first, leave the conditioner on the extensions then take your PH (Sulphate free) shampoo and shampoo only your natural hair and scalp, then rinse, and repeat again if necessary. Only use a little shampoo on the extensions if any. Do not vigorously rub the hair extension. Rinse again and condition thoroughly avoiding the root area where your natural hair is bonded with the extension hair. The more you condition your extensions the less your extensions will dry out. As this is the only source of moisture the real hair extensions will get as it's not attached to our natural supply as our natural hair is. Avoid to much conditioner at the roots as this will weaken the rings or bonds and cause them to break down break or slip of the natural hair.


When washing your hair, do not tip your head over the bath as this could cause tangling - always wash with your head upright – in the shower is ideal. Only condition from the mid-lengths down to the ends of the hair. Do not apply any conditioner to the scalp or bonds as this will cause slippage.


You can pick the top section of your own hair up and apply conditioner to this section. Pat hair gently when washed – do not rub.


Before untangling we advise you to use a leave in conditioning spray, avoiding the root area, only apply to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair . Follow by untangling with a wide tooth comb, making sure you avoid the bonds. Make sure all bonds are dried completely. Be very careful when brushing the hair when wet, make sure you support the extensions hair by holding the bonds.


For a sleek finish, section your hair off and blow dry using a round brush with soft bristles or paddle brush. Be very careful that you do not snag the bonds. Finish by using a good quality straightening iron. When using heat eg; hair dryers, tongs and straightening irons we recommend a heat no more than 195 degrees, be careful not to catch the bonds with any heat as this will cause keratin bonds an tapes to slip/break as the keratin tip will melt and break from the hooks, also to much heat to the tape tabs will cause them to rip.


Heated Rollers, Straightening Irons, crimpers and tongs can all be used on the extension hair although it is advisable to use a Heat Protection Spray to protect the both your hair and the extension hair, however the less heat used the longer your extensions will last, try to only use these when needed. Serums are good to use, however we do not recommend gels, hairsprays etc; as our hair range holds a good curl without the use of further styling products.

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Remember your extensions are attached to your own natural hair, pulling too hard or mistreating your extensions can result in your own hair being pulled out. The only brush you should use near to your extension bonds is an extension brush – this brush has soft loop bristles and a cushioned bristle base, meaning the brush gently glides over the bonds. When brushing the extensions always hold the bonds, making sure no additional stress is put on the hair.

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