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Hair NY Extensions
Training Academy

Recognised Accredited training provider. 

Hair NY Extensions training academy consists of a highly qualified tutor who is continuously maintaining and developing her hairdressing and teaching skills, ensuring they have total commitment to supporting students throughout their training programme by inspiring, motivating and enthusing learners in a fun and innovative way, keeping passion for the industry to the forefront of each learner’s training experience.

Being within the field of hairdressing for more than 30 years and am passionate about the hair/hairdressing industry and all it encompasses. I have gained experience and become successful as a style director, salon owner/manager and latterly, educator.


Additionally, I have been in the hair extension industry for 19 years.

Our Courses

  • Choose 1-3 methods to learn in one days

    6 hr

    From 235 British pounds


    475 British pounds

    Starts Jul 27

    475 British pounds

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    Starts Sep 28

    475 British pounds

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  • Do you suffer from hair loss?

    2 hr

    From £300

Our Academy

Equipped with high tech equipment and resources we offer personalised learning in small intimate classes providing a customised training programme for each individual apprentice. All students will be provided with high quality learning materials that reflect current industry practice to support your training and achievement.
Our academy provides hair training courses that range from 1-2 days. Our classes are tailored to suit everyone, whether they are a qualified stylist or a complete beginner to the hair industry. We fully equip students with all the tools and materials that are needed to carry out a complete professional service. Alongside this you will be provided with the best supplier and given trade discounts.

Upon completion of the course you will achieve a qualification, we will send out your Accredited BIA Hair NY Extension certificate for you to gain insurance with in one week from attending the course.


Why Hair NY Extensions Acadamy?

It is our guarantee that all students can confidently and successfully carry the title of a Hair NY Extensions graduate.
If you do not feel you have grasped the course on the day then we will offer you more help free of charge until you feel confident enough to succeed.

Benefits of hair extensions application: 

▪️ Increase length
▪️Add volume
▪️Add colour & dimension
▪️Prevents colouring the natural hair
▪️Increase self-confidence

Aims & objectives of our courses:
  • Awareness of necessary health and safety

  • Gaining knowledge of Sterilisation and hygiene

  • Gain a deeper knowledge of relevant tools and materials

  • To be clear of the symptoms which prohibit treatment (contra-indications contra-actions

  • To recognise the types and textures of hair

  • Carrying out client consultation including colour matching

  • Complete a consultation form

  • Clean neat sectioning 

  • Understand the Anatomy & physiology of hair

  • Understanding the importance of treatment planning

  • Identity benefits of the treatment

  • Practice step by step photographic guide

  • Carry out the application of extensions safely and professionally

  • Identify the 4 grades of extensions currently on the market 

  • Increase general understanding of maintenance and knowledge of aftercare & the process of an aftercare sheet

  • Gain experience with 4 cutting techniques 

  • Carry out the treatment with competence

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Gain a qualification

  • Enhance income

  • Gain a accreditation certificate 

  • Be able to insure your extensions business 

  • Enablement to progress to another course

  • Empowerment to run your own business from the outcomes of this and other courses at ‘Hair NY Extensions Academy’

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